How to Prevent Dry Mouth Causes

Dry MouthDry mouth could be serious problem if you don’t treat it well. There are many dry mouth causes that sometime we don’t realize. Condition of dry mouth surely brings bed effects for us. Dry mouth means a condition of mouth without sufficient saliva. Saliva has important role to help digesting foods, cleanse mouth, and moisten area in our mouth. Besides, saliva is able to fight bacteria or fungi hat will infect mouth. You can imagine what will happen to you, if you have no saliva in your mouth. Dry mouth can cause infection, uncomfortable feeling as you chew and swallow foods.

The Importance to Know Dry Mouth Causes

Is it important to know dry mouth causes? It is absolutely essential to identify causes of dry mouth. We cannot determine best way to prevent dry mouth if we don’t know causes of this disease. Therefore, first thing that we should recognize is the cause and then we can take steps to avoid factors causing dry mouth. Preventive step is good for you to minimize dry mouth case. Some factors causing dry mouth are various.

Medication is one of dry mouth causes. Certain medications bring side effects and dry mouth is the one. Types of medicines that often cause dry mouth are medicines to treat hypertension, depression, Parkinson’s disease, urinary incontinence, antihistamines, anti diarheal, decongestant, muscle relaxant, etc. People who are getting older are vulnerable attacked by dry mouth. Old people often take medications to treat disease that they have and finally they undergo dry mouth. Hopefully, you can determine dry mouth treatment to cure dry mouth that bothers your activities, especially eating and speaking.

How to Prevent Dry Mouth

Nerve damage belongs to dry mouth causes that should be cautioned. Dry mouth will happen if you get nerve damage around neck and head area. Cancer therapy surely causes dry mouth. When people take cancer therapy, they are required to consume any kinds of chemotherapy medicines. Those medicines influence amount of saliva that is produced. Chewing tobacco makes you get dry mouth and so is smoking. People who suffer certain diseases tend to get dry mouth. Diseases causing dry mouth include aids, anemia, stroke, diabetes, Sjogren’s syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease.

Prevent the Dry Mouth Causes

All dry mouth causes have been listed above and you should take effective way to prevent dry mouth case properly. Your habit is able to cause dry mouth. For example, people who always snore with open mouth tend to suffer dry mouth. Drinking water regularly in proper measure helps to reduce risks of dry mouth. Dehydration can makes you suffer dry mouth. You need to change your lifestyle such as smoking to minimize dry mouth case. Salivary gland surgical removal also contributes dry mouth.

Not only dry mouth causes, but also dry mouth symptoms are important to know. Several symptoms that indicate dry mouth are easy to be identified. One of sign indicating dry mouth is saliva that looks so stringy and thick. When you get difficulty in swallowing and speaking, probably it is caused by dry mouth. Other symptoms of dry mouth are tooth decay, mouth infected by fungi, losing taste sense, cracked lips, increased plaque, bad breath, gum disease, and sore throat. If dry mouth happens in a long period you have to see a doctor to avoid more serious illness.

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