Fact About Medical Assistant Salary for Your Child

Medical assistant salary is not the highest in the field, but most of the professionals find the job to be such a satisfying job. What is not good about a job in helping people become healthy and providing comfort to patients? However, to find out the average salary of the medical assistants in practice, a salary survey was conducted by AAMA (American Association of Medical Assistants). The survey resulted in a statistically reliable result that is worth a deeper look at. So, do you interested how much do medical assistants make?

Medical Assistant Salary Survey Conduct

Medical assistant salary survey across the United States is conducted with a random sampling method by using e-mailed questionnaires. No less than 20,000 questionnaires are sent to random medical assistants and medical assisting educators. Most of the samples are the CMA (Certified Medical Assistant) of AAMA and have been a member of the organization. From the outgoing emails, 3,898 questionnaires are completed enthusiastically, providing a result with high number of participants and high statistical reliability.

The medical assistant salary survey has a margin of error of 1.6 percent with 95% confidence level. The margin of error is an average number, of which the statistical reliability of the samples is measured. The 1.6 percent margin of error is therefore applies to all the statistics based on the survey’s total respondents. Smaller groups of respondents in the survey would have a higher margin of error.

Medical Assistant Salary Survey Result

Medical AssistantThe result of medical assistant salary survey shows that more than 95% of medical assistants are paid hourly while the other 5% are paid an annual salary. In contrast, in educational field, 84% of medical assisting educators are paid annual salary while the other 16% are paid hourly. According to the years of experience, a medical assistant salary could range from $12.88 per hour to $17.58 for those who have served in the industry for 16 years or more. An average of $14.67 per hour is achieved for the medical assistant with hourly pay.

The medical assistant salary for full-time employees ranges from $24,882 to $35,882 per year, depending on the length of experience. The average figure is $29,201, which becomes the average yearly salary of medical assistant for the nation. There is also a slight difference between the salary of a CMA (AAMA) and non-CMA, with the CMA (AAMA) receiving $14.94 per hour or $29,460 per year instead of $13.43 per hour or $26,568 per year of their non-CMA peers.

The insurance benefits received by a medical assistant in addition to their salary usually covers all the basics like major medical, dental, vision, disability, discount prescription, accidental death, basic hospitalization and professional liability with only 14% of the respondents get none of these benefits. The number of medical assisting educators who don’t get any insurance benefits is even smaller, with only 8% of the 229 respondents.

Medical Assistant Salary Based on Locations

Besides relying on the level of competence and the experience of the medical assistant, the salary received is also highly dependent on where they work. The medical assistant salary in New York area, for example, is one of the highest with an average of $34,160. Medical assistant salary in Texas, by contrast, is one of the lowest with $27,830 annually, only slightly higher than Ohio with $27,600 per year. With high future prospect for more demands, the average medical assistant salary and the relatively high satisfaction at work, medical assisting is certainly a profession worth pursuing.

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