Guides in Selecting the Best Company for Shipping to Africa

t is sometimes quite difficult to find the best shipping services to deliver some of your goods from one country to another one. There are some of the international shipping companies that also serve shipping to Africa. Basically, there is no significant difference between shipping to one country and shipping to Africa. You will need some steps to consider before dealing with the shipping.

First, you need to observe the services offered by the companies that probably you will work with. Make sure that the company you take offers the following basic services, such as shipping from all major ports, taking care of any cargo types, export formalities and insurance, personalized assistance, and all-time ready customer service.

Consider also the time the company delivers the package, the faster the better. Safety is also important. Make sure that the company packs your goods well. Good packaging gives better protection to the goods, moreover when they are traveled to Africa.

About the documentation, you need to find the company that offers you with practical one. Some companies provide easy online tools for the documentation. You need to visit the website and fill in the invoice. Besides, you need to also make sure that the companies help you track your shipment. It should be easy to track your goods.

Commonly, tracking feature is added in the companies’ websites. The more important thing is that the tracking can be done in real-time process so that you can see where your goods are anytime you check them.

Then, you need to also find that the companies cover the area where you want to deliver your goods. The companies should have good accesses to the whole African continent. Some companies only focus on South Africa, such as Namibia, Lesotho, Republic of South Africa, Zambia, Zimbabwe and Swaziland.

However, if you want to send the goods to other area such as Kenya in East Africa or Cameroon in West Africa, you need to find the right company that covers the whole areas in the East and West Africa.

There are also some ways of delivering the goods to Africa. They can be Sea shipments or Air shipments. Some other types of shipments include Courier shipments and Air & Sea Freight Consolidation. Take one that is the quickest and takes care of the goods well.

If you want to send some dangerous goods such as chemicals, heavy machinery, bulk cargo, fireworks, etc., you need to find the company with professional transport service.

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