Unbiased Sleep Innovations Shiloh Review – Too Good To Be True?

Sleep Innovations Shiloh is a 12-inch Memory Foam Mattress from the brand that comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. Many customers are pleased by this mattress due to its advantage for back pain, great support, comfy for most people, manufactured in USA, slight movement transfer, and reasonable price.

These features are reasons why people choose this product. The mattress is a good product but it does not mean it has no flaws. Choosing one that has lots of positive reviews can be your reason to buy it but make sure you check all the cons to know what kind of issue it has that might be the same case you might experience.

Sleep Innovations Shiloh Cons

This mattress is not perfect in any way. Sleep Innovations is similar to many other mattresses in the world including the Tempurpedic products that has some flaws. Most people are satisfied using this mattress but there are a few unsatisfied customers. Uncomfortable and too firm are some of the complaints. Others are complaining about its awful gas emission and the sure temp feature malfunction. These are not complaints about Sleep Innovations Shiloh but actually they are issues regarding memory foam mattresses in general.

Sleep Innovations Shiloh

Sleep Innovations Shiloh Firmness

The mattress mostly get the highest rating in customer reviews due to how it offer the right firmness to eliminate back pains and promote better sleep. Sleep Innovations Shiloh 2016 is not soft or medium but more on the hard side. Firm foam supports back better which is ideal for some back pain patients. There are also discontented customers that feel sleeping on the mattress is too hard and really unbearable. They feel their back pain gets worse instead of better as the mattress is so hard. These complaints are contrasts to good reviews.

Sleep Innovations Shiloh Sure Temp Features

Sleep Innovations Shiloh comes with sure temp feature. This feature helps to avoid hotness when lying on the mattress. But, there are unhappy customers complain about hot issue when using the mattress. These customers inform how they are sweaty when they are sleeping on it due to the warm and hot mattress.

Sure Temp helps regulate the temperate on the bed but it fails to work. This issue usually occurs on those sweaty people and isn’t an unsolvable issue. One solution that can help is by adding layers on top of Sleep Innovations Shiloh such as a cotton coverlet, mattress pad, and a fixed sheet.

Sleep Innovations Shiloh Odor

It is an unavoidable problem having bad chemical smell in memory foam. The Sleep Innovations Shiloh has very low complaints about the smell. There are people complaining that they cannot ignore it. This can be a deal breaker for some.

The smell can still be noticed even after a month. This issue is usually noticed by those who are sensitive to new item smell. But, producers usually have informed customers how to treat the Sleep Innovations Shiloh mattress on first use to get rid of the smell.

Most customers usually do not have this kind of issue when they follow the instructions.

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